The Rip Chords - Earliest beginnings!

The photo below is of the original and founding members of the Rip Chords: Ernie Bringas (left) and Phil Stewart (right).  It was taken during their first concert at the Hollywood Palladium on Dec 9, 1962. The Rip Chords were formed by Ernie and Phil BEFORE Terry Melcher got involved.


Doris Day

A signed picture of Doris Day (above) was presented to Ernie Bringas in person when he met her!  Doris Day was the mother of Rip Chords producer, Terry Melcher.  The Rip Chords was Terry's first record producing opportunity.

In the studio, Terry Melcher pulled in Bruce Johnston (who later joined the Beach Boys in 1965) to sing with Ernie Bringas and Phil Stewart.  Terry sometimes added his own voice and worked with all three others on the recording sessions, laying all four voices into the "California sound" - the laying of multiple voices and of multiple tracks all together.

The RIP CHORDS recorded from 1962-1965 at Columbia Records in Hollywood, California.  This post card (above) is a memory from Ernie of that building and those days.

The back of the post card states:  "Columbia Broadcasting System, Hollywood, California.  Here in the Hollywood headquarters of CBS, the visitor has opportunity to observe modern radio production.  The master control, sound effects, and exhibition rooms may be viewed, as well as rehearsals ad broadcasts by many stars.  Cover photo by Hubert A. Lowman. 

Youth Fellowship Banquet

The picture below is entitled "Hamming It Up." Here, Ernie Bringas kidded around and showed off the rock 'n' roll style at a Youth Fellowship banquet.  He was the speaker at this banquet, and was in demand as an original Rip Chord.  That pic was taken in January 1965.


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