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Ernie Tells the Story On Video

Ernie Bringas recorded a video documentary of The Story of the Rip Chords and sang along with some songs again so you could hear his voice now and hear it on the original recordings.

This is Ernie, recorded at Glendale Community College in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017:

The Story of The Rip Chords video can be watched as an embedded video above,
or you can see it on YouTube directly at:

This video describes how:

  • The founding of the Rip Chords;
  • Ernie and Phil’s demo made it to CBS Records;
  • The first singles were recorded and released;
  • The church asked Ernie not to tour, but could record the songs;
  • The records were recorded and who sang on what;
  • Listen to Ernie sing his parts 50 years later!
  • and much more!

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