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This website is the Story of the RIP CHORDS from one of the two original RIP CHORDS.  The RIP CHORDS recorded from 1962-1965 at Columbia Records in Hollywood, California.  Please take a moment to visit the main page, and read the true story of how the RIP CHORDS started and evolved.

Interesting Links:

Purchase these from SunDazed Records

 Hear selections of a few songs from these origal albums:
The Queen
Little Deuce Coupe
’40 Ford Time
She Thinks I Still Care
Shut Down
Drag City
Ding Dong
Three Window Coupe
Bonneville Bonnie
Gas Money
This Little Woodie
Hot Rod U.S.A.
Old Car Made In ’52
Surfin’ Craze
Beach Girl
My Big Gun Board
Surf City
Summer U.S.A.
Big Wednesday

THE 2006 Columbia / Sundazed “Best of” release, says it best:

NO GROUP EPITOMIZED THE SUN-SOAKED CALIFORNIA SOUND BETTER THAN THE fabulous Rip ChordsLed by legendary producer Terry Melcher along with future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and ace-vocalists Ernie Bringas and Phil Stewart, these long-board big-guns left an indelible mark on the surf’n strip sounds of the ‘60s…. the best of the Rip Chords!    20 trophy winning tracks!

Click here to read Ernie’s Story of the Rip Chords

Ernie Bringas AuthorHomestead & Wolfe