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This website is the Story of the RIP CHORDS from one of the two original RIP CHORDS. 

The RIP CHORDS recorded from 1962-1965 at Columbia Records in Hollywood, California.  Please take a moment to visit the main page, and read the true story of how the RIP CHORDS started and evolved.

Interesting Links:

THE 2006 Columbia / Sundazed “Best of” release, says it best:

NO GROUP EPITOMIZED THE SUN-SOAKED CALIFORNIA SOUND BETTER THAN THE fabulous Rip ChordsLed by legendary producer Terry Melcher along with future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and ace-vocalists Ernie Bringas and Phil Stewart, these long-board big-guns left an indelible mark on the surf’n strip sounds of the ‘60s…. the best of the Rip Chords!  20 trophy winning tracks.

Here are a few of those songs for you to enjoy:

Hey Little Cobra:

Here I Stand

Trophy Machine


Little Duece Coupe


Three Window Coupe

Bonneville Bonnie

This Little Woodie

Surfin’ Craze

My Big Gun Board

Summer U.S.A.

Ernie Bringas AuthorHomestead & Wolfe